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HIbah Ansari

Technology and the US Election

The introduction of technology in facilitating voter responses may quell some fears of miscounted votes, but is accompanied by a host of tech-related issues. There are several different models of electronic voting machines utilized across the country, varying in age, software, capabilities, and level of susceptibility to malfunction, and just like any other electronic device, they can malfunction — big time.

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What is Data Science?

What is Data Science? What exactly is “Data Science”? If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been hearing this term getting thrown around in tech circles.

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We Need Women of Color in Tech!

While passing through the airport’s x-ray device, Amy Webb, futurist and CEO of the Future Today Institute, wasn’t surprised when she was pulled aside for

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What is Full Stack Web Development?

Whenever we hear the word, “coding,” several different job titles come to mind: Web Developer, Software Engineer, Data Analyst, Project Manager, Cyber Security Engineer, etc.

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