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Unlock your career in tech in just 12 - 20 weeks at a fraction of the cost!

Unlock your career in tech in just 12 - 20 weeks at a fraction of the cost!

For students

Tech sector can be seem tough to get into and hard to comprehend with all the tech jargon. We make it approachable and affordable.

For companies

Looking for diverse talent? We can help transform your workplace into becoming equitable and inclusive.

We are proud to be a

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“To be competitive in the global market, we do need diverse ideas, diversity in thought, diversity in design. It’s not a choice, it’s an absolute need.”

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With our students’ diverse backgrounds and daily challenges in mind, we provide accessible technical upskilling paired with mentorship in soft skills to navigate our tech ecosystem. 


By providing technical training for in-demand jobs and mentorship, we help students navigate networks and promote themselves in ways they often have not been exposed to. 


Keeping in mind the lack of industry connections that our students may have upon starting with us, we become their ally.

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Amazon is hiring more than 30,000 people next year.

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Nearly a third of the top 25 jobs in the US are tech positions.

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Demand for data analysts has grown by 344% since 2013.

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The tech industry demands more women and diversity in technical positions

Trending Courses

In 16 weeks, learn to code responsive web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React. We offer courses in both Python and MERN.

In 12 weeks, dive into advanced Data Science topics like Python, Machine Learning, Statistics, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics. Learn the Gartner Data Analytics Maturity Model. Introductory and Advanced options available.

In 20 weeks, learn to code in JAVA and Cloud Computing with AWS to manage and store app data.

New Additions


In 20 weeks, learn to code in C# and Cloud Computing with Azure to manage and store app data.

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Simret and Elena launched their careers in tech by taking our Full Stack Web Development course. Check out our courses here.