Success Stories

Thriving, diverse community; affordable, top-notch instruction

I attended Skillspire's Java and Cloud Computing program from January to May and loved it. Skillspire provided me with a good foundation in Java and AWS, and Farhad, my instructor, was awesome. He was supportive during the pandemic and worked with me to complete assignments. Skillspire is affordable, offers top-notch instruction, and advocates for women and marginalized populations in the tech industry. I highly recommend Skillspire.

LJ Norman

Skill Spire Alumni

Skillspire: best staff, affordable price, valuable knowledge

I had the best experience at Skillspire. I didn't expect to gain a lot of knowledge with only twice a week classes. Yasmin the CEO was very informative and friendly when I went to her office to talk about registration. The instructor Nithin was very helpful and a text away when we need help with homework and went beyond and above to make sure we understand the lesson. After we completed the course Terri helped a lot from making resume to getting us interviews. Skillspire is the best place to go to if you are planning to become a full stack developer. Best staff and affordable price comparing to other coding boot camps.

Simret Belay

Skillspire Alumni 2019-2020

Skillspire was one of the most important steps I had to take till I landed my current full stack developer job. When I joined the school I knew a little bit of front-end languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) my goal was to add onto what I knew and become full stack developer eventually. The instructor, Farhad, was able to explain heavy code concepts to us in a simple way as well as showing us ways how to go about finding varies solutions for software issues.

Ahmed Abdelraouf

Full Stack Web Development Student

I want to begin by saying that changing industries in to tech is difficult but very rewarding; Skillspire made something that looked impossible and foreign easy by making it a step-by-step process that encouraged learning by having a very accessible instructor who while providing you with all the tools you need will let you work your own way to the solution.

Robert Rizo

Full Stack Web Development Student

This course helped me get a job and change my life, very nice and friendly teachers and they are always ready to help. Thank you for every one at Skillspire for this great bootcamp and programs.

Riyadh Alsalemi

Data Analytics Student

I completed the Full Stack Development Program and it was the best choice I could have made. It really helped give me a firm understanding of Web Development and Software Programming. I left feeling like I know the terminology I needed to continue my education and search for a job. I highly recommend.

Amianna Paape

Full Stack Web Development Student

Great course! I would highly recommend for those who are really wanting to learn web development. I love the content and hand on approach of the specific lessons to prepare myself.

Roman Gebrehiwot

Full Stack Web Development Student

My name is Ahmed Yussuf, and I’m very grateful to be a student at Skillspire. I studied Fullstack web development which opened the door for me into tech industry and most importantly changed my way of thinking and solving problems. I’m now confident to tackle any problem and find solutions. I’m also able now to build applications, do testing website and build professional websites using the skills and knowledge gained in the course.

Ahmed Yussuf

Full Stack Web Development Student

Are you looking into new career, or want to gain new skills and knowledge in computer science, programming, and analytics? Then look no farther than SkillSpire. Whether you are a beginner or just wanting to advance your skills, this program will help you succeed no matter your background and experiences. The instructors are not only there to teach you but also guide you and advice you how to get ready for an interview and share with you how to be successful in the industry.

Mohamed Hilow

Data Analytics Student