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New to coding

Little to no experience with coding? These courses can help you get a thorough understanding of Python and MERN stacks, while also teaching you both front end and back end technologies.

In 16 weeks, learn to code responsive web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React.

In 16 weeks, learn to code responsive web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Django.

Software engineering

If you’re interested in a career in software engineering and cloud computing (or simply just want to sharpen your skills in C# and/or Java), take a look at these courses.


In 20 weeks, learn to code in C# and Cloud Computing with Azure to manage and store app data.

In 20 weeks, learn to code in JAVA and Cloud Computing with AWS to manage and store app data.

In 16 weeks, learn the domains of security with hands-on assessments for each domain.

Data analytics

Whether you’re completely new to data analytics or want to dive deeper, we have courses for all levels of experience. 

In 12 weeks, learn the basics of Data Analytics and how to tell a story using advanced Excel, advanced SQL, and Power BI. 

In 12 weeks, dive into advanced Data Science topics like Python, Machine Learning, Statistics, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics. Learn the Gartner Data Analytics Maturity Model.

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Methods of payment


Pay a one-time fee prior to beginning your course that will save you more than a monthly payment plan (savings vary depending on course).


Set up a monthly payment plan so that you can pay your tuition in installments, at a manageable pace.


Sit down and talk to us so that we can discuss eligibility-based scholarships that can get you a discounted tuition. 

Most advice on how to become a software developer or programmer begins with the notion that you have to have a degree.


At Skillspire, we know that it isn’t always easy to pursue a career in tech. With that understanding, we’ve created a range of courses that allow you to become a software developer – and a good one at that – without degree level qualifications. To keep up with the fast-growing world of software development and programming, we update our courses regularly to ensure their relevance, giving you the best in online and in-person training.

Our philosophy is that everyone deserves to pursue their digital dreams, regardless of social and economic status. The question of how to become a programmer shouldn’t leave you feeling as though your goal is out of reach. Thus, our programmer and software developer courses are made to give you access to a world of possibilities, no matter who you are. With an easy online application process and a comparatively affordable fee structure, Skillspire is an inclusive space for tech lovers and enthusiasts to nurture their passions. Courses range from UX design to data analytics and coding, backed by a team of highly skilled and experienced instructors who are here to ensure that each student gets the value they deserve.

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Our software development courses are designed to help anyone become a programmer without degree qualifications. Upon completing one of our courses, you’ll have a solid foundation in your preferred software development field. But we don’t leave it at that. We also organize resume and interview workshops to help you improve your soft skills. Our comprehensive training ensures that you have the skills and knowledge to enter the highly-competitive software development industry. All of our alumni gain access to an extensive programmer network. In addition, we’ll share your resume with acclaimed tech companies, and our instructors will give you advice on how to land your dream career as a programmer.

It’s not impossible to learn how to become a programmer without a degree. Skillspire offers the training and career support you need to get started on a fulfilling journey in tech.