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Our Founder

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Yasmin Ali

Founder & CEO of Skillspire

As an immigrant woman and a minority, I lived first-hand how intimidating it can be to enter the tech sector. We, at Skillspire, break down barriers that preclude women, people of color and other under-represented communities to enter the tech workforce. 

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As a volunteer and leader of the MAPS education committee, she helped start an evening school which, to date, has served over 1000 students from diverse backgrounds in the last ten years. While developing the MAPS program and curricula, Yasmin came across several people interested in working in the IT industry. She saw overwhelming potential in these people, but they were in need of formal training and access to tech jobs with real career potential. Yasmin Ali’s mission became more clear: she wanted to help the under-privileged segment of society who had intelligence and desire but lacked access to training and connections. Thus, Skillspire was founded.

CEO and Founder - Yasmin Ali