Feeling a little lost in your quest to break into a new tech career? We have some advice that may simplify things for you: Full Stack Web Development. Full Stack Web Development is essentially the whole nine yards for web development. Many people are designated as either front or back-end developers. Think of the front end as the shiny coat on your new BMW. It’s the paint job, the tires, and the sleek design. It’s everything that you see, right in front of you. You can think of the back end as everything under the hood, the engine, the oil, the computers/systems, and more. It’s everything that allows the car to run smoothly, allowing you to properly appreciate the shiny exterior.

A full stack developer possesses knowledge of both the front and back ends. They’ve gained sufficient knowledge & understanding of multiple programming languages, from both the front and back. All of this may sound a bit confusing, but it’s actually far simpler than you might realize. In fact, its simplicity is what makes Full Stack Web Development an excellent choice for complete beginners, and here are reasons why:

  1. Square One

If you’re brand new to tech, you probably need to establish a solid foundational base of knowledge before you attempt to venture out too far. Full Stack Web Development is perfect for this. With full stack, you’ll most likely be starting your journey by learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Not only are all these sought-after skills, they’re also an excellent place for beginners to get their feet wet. Starting out with a more advanced back-end language like Java certainly isn’t impossible, but it will probably come with a steeper learning curve.

  1. Vast Job Possibilities

Because Full Stack Web Development encompasses a number of different programming languages and databases, you’ll have the equivalent of a swiss army knife of technical skills at your disposal.

Some of the job titles you could apply for:

  • Full Stack Web Developer
  • Front-End Web Developer
  • Back-End Web Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • JavaScript Developer
  • Python Developer
  • React Developer

With such a wide array of possibilities, you won’t have to feel “married” to one particular title. You can apply freely to several different positions within multiple companies.

  1. More Freelancing Opportunities

Because of the diversity in your new potential skillset, you’ll be in a better position to leverage and market your abilities to people needing projects to be completed. You’ll have more flexibility when it comes to the types of projects you can take on. This means potentially more money as a side hustle, or you can opt for full-time freelancing altogether and quit your day job.

  1. More Experimentation

When you set out to learn coding, you’re not really sure about where you’ll end up. In other words, you may start off by learning HTML, only to discover that you really enjoy using Python for Data Science. Or…you may begin with JavaScript, only to later discover that scraping up the back end using Java was your calling card the whole time. Starting out with Full Stack allows you to become more of a “jack-of-all-trades”. You’ll be able to dip your feet into multiple pools and figure out what you prefer. The best part about this experimentation is that you won’t be heedlessly wasting time, either. Because you’ll still be learning all these new skills, it’s not as if you’re just blindly experimenting without actually benefitting. It’s almost like you’re getting paid to practice.

  1. $$$

You’ve surely heard that tech jobs are highly in-demand, due to their bloated salaries. Full Stack Web Development is no exception. All of the job titles mentioned in section #2 have the potential to pay you well over six figures, either in starting salary or within a few years of breaking in. If you’re looking for jobs at big companies on the west coast…forget about it. With these companies, you can work your way up to multiple six figures, approaching half a million dollars in annual salary.

Final Thoughts

If you’re just now trying to figure out how you can break into the tech sector, you’ll likely wrestle over where your ideal starting point should be. While the answer to that question will vary based on your goals/aspirations, you’ll definitely want to consider Full Stack Web Development. It’s a terrific option for both beginners and veterans, alike…and it can set you up for such a wide variety of potential job titles.

If you are interested in Full Stack Web Development, feel free to check out our course. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from top industry professionals. After the course, we do everything in our power to help you break into the tech sector. We’ll help you optimize your LinkedIn profile, build out your resume, polish up those technical interview skills, and then finally search for a job.

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