Data Analytics has seen a dramatic increase in demand over the past decade.

IBM predicted that there would be a rise in data professionals’ jobs to 2,720,000. This means that careers in Data Analytics are in greater demand than they are in supply.

Economics has proven that prices rise when there is more demand than supply. It is therefore correct to say that companies will pay more for an in-house Data Analytics professional. We know money is not the only motivating factor for everyone. Therefore, we want to show you the Top 5 reasons why you must pursue a career in Data Analytics.

#5: The Demand Is High

Data Analytics is more important than ever for companies. Today’s world is a data-collecting machine, which means that someone must process all that data to assist in making better business decisions. Additionally, organizations cannot afford to let data go unused, since they spend millions on data collection.

Only Data Analytics professionals can analyze and effectively study this information. There is no better time than NOW to start a career in Data Analytics.

#4 It Pays Pretty Well

Data Analytics is a highly lucrative career that will always leave you smiling at work. The average annual salary for Data Analytics professionals in the United States is more than $70,000. Of course, the amount you make will depend on how many years you have been working in the field (mid-career level salaries can easily reach multiple 6-figures). However, the number of certifications you hold is another factor. If you are interested in a career in Data Analytics, continue learning and obtaining more certifications.

#3 Freelancing Opportunities

Some people do genuinely enjoy the 9-to-5 life. They work in an office where they get to mingle with new people. However, there is also a subset of people who prefer not to go to the office every day. A Career in Data Analytics may be right for you…if you fall into the latter category.

A Data Analytics Career allows you to work remotely as a freelancer, which is very compelling for many people post COVID-19. This means that no matter where you are located, you can start a career in Data Analytics and work with companies across the globe.

There are also a lot of opportunities in Data Analytics in every industry, whether it is financial, aviation, or even government. A lot of these organizations are seeking people who can analyze data and increase efficiency.

#2 Sharpens Your Skills

Data Analytics is fundamentally about finding and solving problems. The only difference is that professionals deal with large-scale issues. These issues may affect the company, its employees, and its customers. A career in Data Analytics can sharpen your skills in:

  • Math, Statistics and Numerical Analysis
  • Using information to make conclusions
  • Problem-solving in your professional and daily life

These skills enable Data Analytics professionals to influence decisions in various areas within a company. The information that they verify has a significant impact on many aspects of a business. This applies to everything from advertising campaigns, to sales pitches, acquisitions, and company expansions.

#1 Work in BIG Companies

At first, you will be working with small companies and start-ups. As you build-up your experience and skills, you will gain the experience and leverage needed to shoot for greater responsibilities working for companies like Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Google. Thus, a career in Data Analytics will surely offer you many lucrative opportunities overall.

Key Takeaways

There are many rewards to working in Data Analytics. Your knowledge will be an asset to any company’s growth and development. Even better, you will be paid a lot for your work.

Perhaps now is the right time to really scrutinize and think about your career path. Take that first step and start your journey in the world of big data. Our Intro to Data Analytics Bootcamp is the best way to become equipped with the knowledge/skills needed to thrive in this industry. Check it out and see if it is the right fit for you!

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