The reality that many people are unaware of is that it’s completely possible to work in tech without a tech degree.

If getting into the tech world is something you’ve been curious about, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t actually have to spend serious $ and get another degree.

Let’s bust some myths about getting into the tech industry.


  • You need a tech-related degree before beginning to study a technical field.
  • Universities are the only places that teach coding.
  • It is expensive to learn coding.


  • You can begin learning how to code at any time.
  • You can become a certified web developer in just 16 weeks.
  • Recruiters are more interested in your drive and passion.

What do tech recruiters actually want?

Contrary to popular belief, a large portion of tech jobs don’t actually require a degree in a related technical field, they simply want proof that you can carry out the job’s requirements. Tech recruiters want candidates who are self-aware, enthusiastic, and confident. Brand recognition and flashy resumes are becoming less relevant. Tech recruiter Tammie Vu writes that she looks for a “more authentic candidate” with “a backstory with examples. This gives me confidence that they’ll be a positive and collaborative contributor on the team.” She also notes that “having a deep, enthusiastic, and genuine interest in some aspect of the company (whether it’s the company’s mission, product, technical challenges, or its work environment) is important.”

The tech world is constantly evolving.

Today’s tech world is almost impossible to keep up with, which is why coding bootcamps have become so relevant. Programming languages are constantly evolving and being written, data analytics softwares are always being invented, and people are continuously forced to adapt, relearn, and reorient themselves to the constant influx of new technology.

Demand for talent is at an all-time high.

If you find yourself re-evaluating your current job path, take solace in knowing that the tech industry is in great demand for some new talent. Amazon alone is hiring more than 20,000 people next year. Data analysts are among the top 3 most wanted skills in the workforce. IBM predicts that the demand for data analysts will rise by 28% in December 2020. According to a study conducted by Indeed, 76% of tech companies struggle to find talent to fill open positions. The demand for employees with tech backgrounds is steadily rising above the supply, where the job postings continue to increase sharply.

We can help you land a job in tech.

It’s a great time to be armed with technical skills. So how do you actually get started? Skillspire can get you certified in full stack web development, basic and advanced data analytics, java & cloud computing, and cybersecurity. Your average coding bootcamp will run you an average of $12,000. Our classes will only cost you $1,999-$2,499. Taking just one of our courses will put you on track to enjoying a profitable, reliable career in tech. Get started here.

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