Hi Skillspire students!

Brooksource will be joining us for a presentation this coming Thursday 4/6 at 2pm PST.

We will have Jess Olson (Seattle, WA based Program Coordinator) representing Brooksource and going over professionalism. She works with associate level candidates through their Elevate program as well as Veterans and their families with their Project Patriot Program and aims to connect candidates to entry-level opportunities at their national enterprise level clients. In her presentation, she will be talking about:

Overall professionalism, confidence, and addressing imposter syndrome:

• As a Veteran, recent grad, or career changer, how to give your introduction, or “elevator pitch”

• How to best explain your experience

• How to communicate transferable skills and advocate for yourself

• Email professionalism

• How to best optimize your LinkedIn to be found and portray your experience

Excited to see you all there!

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