Startup Spotlight profiles tech startups in the Pacific Northwest.

Yasmin Ali founder of Skillspire is also an immigrant, moving to the U.S. from India nearly 30 years ago. She has degree in computer science and worked for Boeing and startup companies.

Many immigrants end up driving for ride-sharing companies, working low-paying jobs in health services and performing other physical tasks — even when they have computer skills from their home countries or U.S. tech programs. So Ali has been reaching out to Latino, African American, East African and Muslim community and religious organizations to find students eager to transition to tech careers.

Skillspire is dedicated in bridging the opportunity gap that exists between diverse communities and the tech sector, thereby promoting diversity in technology companies.

Skillspire is currently offering classes in two tracks: data analytics and full-stack web development. The courses run between 12-16 weeks and cost $2,000. Classes are held in the evening and weekends to accommodate people who are working. There are no scholarships available at this point, but Ali said the price can be discounted depending on an individual’s needs.

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