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Why Skillspire?

Skillspire offers value.

Our coding bootcamps are affordable, flexible and designed to keep in mind a good return on investment, with affordable tuition rates. Skillspire is always candid about our tuition rates and consistently strive towards making our courses accessible to all students. We offer one-time and monthly payment plans as well as eligibility-based scholarships and veteran benefits.

Skillspire offers professional development.

In addition to our courses, Skillspire hosts workshops that focus on various topics within professional development, like resume writing, mock interviews, and white boarding. Our instructors are also available outside of classes to answer material and industry-related questions. We understand that job hunting in a new industry can be daunting, and strive to champion for our students. Skillspire alumni gain access to an extensive network, as well as have their resumes shared with tech companies.

We are flexible.

We understand that our students’ lives are busy. Not everyone has the luxury to enroll in full-time courses that take place at any time of the day. That’s why our courses are offered in person and online. They take place on weekday evenings and on weekends, so that our students have the option to work full-time while balancing their Skillspire courses.

Skillspire doesn’t just talk the talk.

Skillspire’s mission is to enable all students to pursue the careers they are passionate about – regardless of their income, citizenship, background, etc. Our bootcamp was founded on the basis of creating opportunities for refugees and immigrants alike, as well as in response to the technology industry’s growing demand for diversity in the workplace. We strive to create a welcoming environment where each and every student feels safe, validated, and valued to learn and grow. Our classrooms reflect the diversity and talent we aspire to bring into the tech sector.

Skillspire is committed to our students.

We want to see our students succeed. Skillspire continually updates our courses to reflect the changing landscape of the tech industry. We are dedicated to maintaining transparency with our students in regards to the needs of the industry, possible career paths, and course options that would be best suited for each individual.

Our instructors are experts.

Each of Skillspire’s instructors are tech industry veterans with multiple years of professional experience in the fields that they teach. They are each as passionate about teaching as they are excited to see the success of their students.

Talk to us.

Schedule a meeting to talk to us so that we can discuss the best option for you.

Trending Courses


In 16 weeks, learn to code responsive web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React. We offer courses in both Python and MERN.


In 12 weeks, dive into advanced Data Science topics like Python, Machine Learning, Statistics, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics. Learn the Gartner Data Analytics Maturity Model. Introductory and Advanced options available.


In 20 weeks, learn to code in JAVA and Cloud Computing with AWS to manage and store app data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, a basic level of computer literacy and a motivation to learn is all you need for most of our courses.

The course is designed for diverse backgrounds; If programming or tech is a career track you really want to pursue, you can sign-up for our courses whether you are software engineer, product/program manager, analyst, researcher, consultant, student etc.

It can vary depending on your unique background. However, it usually takes 1-15 hours/week outside of the classroom for homework and study time.

Yes, you will be given a certificate of completion for this course after you pass your final exam.

Yes, please refer to our Veterans page for more details.