Skillspire – Coding School

How to Apply

At Skillspire, we strive to make our application process run as smoothly as possible so that you can get enrolled in the right course with no hiccups. You’ll receive assistance throughout the application process from the moment you reach out to us. 

Get to know you

Once you reach out, our priority is to understand your career goals. If you’re unsure of which course(s) you want to take, we’ll discuss the right option for you so that you know what to expect prior to enrollment. Together, you and an advisor will assess your skills, goals, and educational background. 

Payment and scholarship eligibility

Skillspire offers eligibility-based financial scholarships as well as veteran benefits. For more information on our veteran benefits, click here. Students have the option of paying a one-time fee or setting up a monthly payment plan.


To begin your application process, you will need to submit the form on our application page here. After reviewing your form, you will sit down (either in-person or virtually) to discuss career pathways for yourself and sort out your desired method of payment.


You’re ready to (en)roll! By this point, you’ll have a strong idea of what to expect in the course you have enrolled in. Prior to beginning your course, you will receive an email with a list of optional (but highly recommended!) pre-course work to complete which will prepare you for key concepts central to your course.

Need help choosing the right course for you?

Schedule a meeting to talk to us.